Mariah Carey Posts Her 27-Year-Old Photo and Passes It Off as Current

Mariah Carey posted a photo of her from 17 years ago and pretended that it was a spontaneous selfie. She posted the picture with the caption, “quality time with #dembabies…So much happiness!!” in reference to Monroe and Moroccan, her 3-year-old twins.

The twins, however, were not present in the photograph. Considering that the picture was originally taken in 1997, the fact that the twins are not there becomes self-explanatory. Moroccan and Monroe were born in 2011.

The usual “You’re so hot” comments were posted under her picture, until someone pointed out that there is something majorly wrong with it. Buzzfeed was quick to respond to this sham with, “That first photo of Mariah looks pretty familiar. Oh, that’s ’cause it appeared in a 1997 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show.” The fact that the photo did not show her kids raised even more questions.

It did not take long for Buzzfeed to find this out, since the photo was available on YouTube. It turns out that Carey did share this particular photo of her with Oprah when was only 27 years old.

This is not the first time that Carey caused a bit of a stir on today’s most popular social media networks. She also recently shared pictures of her wearing some red carpet frocks while she was out in New York, riding the subway, and taking a short walk in the park. The words “casual wear” do not seem to be part of the singer’s vocabulary, as she goes over the top with her daily outfits.

Carey was spotted wearing a white fishtail gown, with a solitary lace glove and open-toed heels before they got stuck in the rubber flooring of the playground. She posted the photo with the caption, “Sinking into the rubber mats…lol”. The diva, with a net worth of £500 million, managed to make new friends inside the park after she caused quite a stir.

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