Mario Kart 8 Cheats! 8 Secret Speed Boosts To Master, Leave The Competition Far Behind!

Nintendo intended to keep Mario Kart 8 cheats, as well as the title’s treasure chest of Easter eggs intact in the latest installments to the series. Fans of the kart racer are expectedly familiar with the advantages offered by cheats and shortcuts, especially speed boosts that ensure players pull ahead of the pack.

Some of the speed boost tricks in Mario Kart 8 are all-too-familiar to fans of the series, one in particular which is the staple out of the eight available. The starting line speed boost comes with a wide learning curve, but once mastered will pull any kart out of a tight rut early in the race.

At the beginning of each race, wait for the number 2 count to drop to the bottom of the screen, and then press and hold down the accelerate button. This trick is a staple of Mario Kart 8 cheats, and is part of previous titles using the signal lights as cue. The kart is propelled forward if the trick is successful, otherwise it will spin and stall.

Players also get a spurt of momentum when performing tricks jumping off ramps. Environment features, like the shockwave off Bowser’s fist (Bowser’s Castle stage), or the air drafts in the Dry, Dry Desert stage, push karts forward after a jump.

Drafting and power-sliding are also must-have skills for karts, especially for races with experienced players. Staying behind a kart for three seconds is rewarded a quick boost, and jumping sideways and sliding will spark a kart, powering it up to propel with three successful slides.

Colleting ten coins in a row rewards karts with a burst of speed, and the game’s Zero G feature enables all cars affected to pull away by bumping on each other. Mario Kart 8 cheats are straightforward, effective in tight places and competitions (


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