‘Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash’ Fails To Revive The Nintendo Magic.

'Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash' Fails To Revive The Nintendo Magic.

'Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash' Fails To Revive The Nintendo Magic.

A new game from the gaming giant Nintendo, “Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash” has failed to sparkle the gamers and has turned into a flop game of the holiday season, according to Digital Spy .
Nintendo which has always given best of games to play, as part of the Christmas releases like “Bomberman, Mario Kart and Street Fighter,” has failed to arouse excitement in the gamers this year.

 The tennis sport game sure has some special features like four-player doubles game play with last minute save strategy and multiplayer options. The game is very colorful with the lead character, Mario displaying his best skills. His looks and behavior is more natural and acceptable than players of other games.
According to Slug Magazine, Mario is quick in his actions while serving a ball and also reacts if something in the game goes wrong. Players can play a Knockout challenge in which then have to earn highest points by paying tiebreaker matches against their opponent.
The players can also customize rules of the game when playing with their friends online. The game provides an interesting display of skillset, where the players can use new shots like sweet jump shot and back hand shot.
Even if the game has many features, it lacks in some critical areas of gameplay. There is no option of career or story mode. Players cannot even choose their singles or doubles matches and there is no option of selecting a particular tournament. The game also does not feature any options for mini-games. This feature makes the game less desirable in comparison to other multiplayer games, reported The Independent.
When a player wins a game, coins are rewarded with which he can unlock new items like sand, bouncy courts and ice. This is also a drawback for the game, as other multiplayer games in this category provide players with exciting new levels and stages to unlock.
“Mega Ball Rally” event of the tennis game provides the gamers with mushroom power-ups, which increases the body size of the main character. This feature helps to block shots from the opponents, but eventually fails to keep the excitement levels high, reported Trusted Reviews.
With all the drawbacks of the game, it is evitable that the company was in a hurry to release the game, just to beat the competition in the market.


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