Maroon 5 New Song ‘Maps’ Tops The Charts [LISTEN]! ‘V’ Album Out On September! Adam Levine Set To Tie The Knot With Victoria’s Secret Model, Asked Fiancée Father For Permission To Marry

Maroon 5 new song “Maps” is an instant chart-topper, with heavy radio rotation to boot; the band is back with a vengeance after an (almost) two-year hiatus.

Their new single ‘Maps’ released midnight June 16, and immediately scaled the top of Billboard’s Trending 140 Twitter charts. Maroon 5 maximized the buzz on the social media platform, building anticipation which peaked two hours before the actual release.

The band also drummed up support via Instagram, asking fans to post Maroon 5 pictures on personal accounts (tagged #WeAreMaroon). Photos were publicly published on the band’s official website on the single’s release date.

“V” is their follow-up to the highly-successful “Overexposed” album, with 1.6 million copies sold to date and four singles (including “One More Night” and “Payphone”) ranking in the top ten of Billboard Hot 100. “V” is slated for a September 2 launch.

Maroon 5 new song “Maps” is going strong in retail, also receiving heavy play on radio. A strong first week can push it up on the Hot 100 list, to be updated on Thursday next week.

Download demand rank “Maps” in iTunes Store’s top ten, and Nielsen stats estimate its first-day plays to 1,800, across several radio stations alone. Listener requests and regular rotation cement the single’s status as another potential hit single (


Adam Levine rides the wave of potential success with an engagement in tow; he’s set to marry Beahti Prinsloo in July, at Cabo San Lucas’ Hotel El Ganzo. Levine has admitted to his previous short affairs with women, and is turning on a new leaf.

Levine revealed he asked Prisloo’s father for her hand in marriage, prior to the proposal. His comment about the experience was terse: “It was nerve-wracking.” (


Listen to Ryan Seacrest’s interview on “Maps,” the “V” album, and Levine’s engagement:

In a

June 2012 interview with “Maybe I was kind of a bimbo. I was the music dude that was naked all the time with the girls, and that’s fine, no problem with that.” Maroon 5 new song “Maps” is reboot of sorts to the front-man’s past romances.

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