‘Marriage Contract’ Yooey Tells Lee Suh Jin To Find Someone Else

'Marriage Contract' Yooey Tells Lee Suh Jin To Find Someone Else

'Marriage Contract' Yooey Tells Lee Suh Jin To Find Someone Else

In “Marriage Contact” Yooey was diagnosed with a brain cyst and suffered quite the despair.
On the episode of MBC drama “Marriage Contract” (script Jung Yoo Kyung, director Kim Jin Min) broadcast on March 6 th the second episode of the drama was aired.  As this is a drama about a woman who is standing on the edges of Earth, she meets a man who’s only values are money. With that, she is developing a very extreme relationship and trying to find the true meaning of love. With that, there are several dire situations in this melodrama. Lee Suh Jin plays the role of a cold second generation conglomerate heir Han Ji Hoon and Yooey plays the role of Kang Hye Soo who raises a child in a confident way.

On this day, Ji Hoon overhears that his mother Oh Mi Ran (played by Lee Hwee Hyang) was in a rush for a liver transplant.  With that, he went over to Hye Soo who had said she was going to marry him.
Ji Hoon said, “That offer to marry me is still valid, right?” With that, he said that this is illegal and could be prosecuted in criminal ways.  At this, he said that he would be able to give as much money as possible when he heard whether he’d be able to do this.  Because she had a child, she could not make an easy decision.
Hye Soo said, “I’ll have to think about it a bit. It was too sudden.” At this, Ji Soo pushed Hye Soo thinking that this was the end of life and Hye Soo was very angry. With that, Hye Soo went back into debt and lived a tough life.

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