“Marriage Without Love” Is A Fun Summer Romance

“Marriage Without Love” Is A Fun Summer Romance
“Marriage Without Love” Is A Fun Summer Romance


Being young and single in a k-drama does have a downside. Your k-drama parents will almost always pressure you to get married. And even if you think it’s time to tie the knot, they will rarely agree with your choice.

In the upcoming drama “Marriage Without Love, Yeon Woo Jin’s character is in exactly such a predicament. He has no desire to get married but his parents keep insisting. The solution? He finds a totally unsuitable woman to pretend to be his fiancée. It’s a plot to buy time, as he is sure that his parents will never approve of her. And he is sure he will never be tempted to fall in love with her.  

Han Groo, who was last seen in “One Warm Word,” plays Joo Jang Mi, the 29-year-old single woman who works at an upscale shop. She is surrounded by luxury items but does not own a single one. She’s 29 and poor so this does not make her a good marriage candidate but she remains optimistic.

Yeon Woo Jin, last seen on the small screen in “When A Man Loves,” plays Gong Gil Tae, the man who does not want to get married, Gong Gil Tae is a popular plastic surgeon born into a wealthy family.

At a June 26 press conference the director Song Hyun Wook described the drama as a fun, heartwarming, feel-good summer comedy.

“We tried to keep the drama totally distant from reality,” said Song.

The drama also stars 2AM’s Jinwoon, Secret’s Sunhwa, actress Yoon So Hee and actor Huh Jung Min. Their characters will help illustrate different philosophies of dating. Jinwoon is a part-time employee whose bad memories prevent him from falling in love. Sunhwa plays a wealthy plastic surgeon that has no use for men. Yoon So Hee plays a co-worker at Han Groo’s shop. Her character is obsessed with marrying for money. Huh Jung Min plays a man who wants to date but has no intentions of marrying Jang Mi.

The leading actors had nothing but praise for each other when they showed up at the drama’s press conference.

“I think Han’s energy is charming,” aid Yeon.” She has a bright and optimistic personality and it helps her work hard. Her real personality is very similar to her character in the drama.”

Han said Yeon does a great job of expressing his characters charm.

The Friday-Saturday drama begins July 4 on tvN.

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