Mars One Project Update: Two Australians Still In The Running To Receive Ticket To The Red Planet, Desiring To Take Part In Setting Up A Human Colony & Spend The Rest Of Their Lives In Another Planet

Mars One Project Update: Over 200,000 people tried to take a chance to be listed in having a one-way trip to Mars. Reportedly, a Dutch entrepreneur launched a global campaign to find aspiring astronauts for a one-way mission to Mars, a year ago. This will be funded by a reality TV show.

According to Australia News Network, just 705 candidates are still in the running, including 28 Australians.

In an interview, Kesha West spoke Dianne McGrath and David Mould. They are the two of the remaining hopefuls that are in the running to be the first human settlers on Mars.

“I’ve sailed in the Southern Ocean, I’ve jumped out of planes, I’ve cycled thousands of kilometres, climbed mountains, it’s just I think the ultimate adventure,” says 44 year-old Dianne McGrath.

“I know there’s no coming back, I do know that it’s a one way trip. It’s part of what makes it a bit more exciting,” she added.

“To go to Mars, to set up a human colony on Mars would be enormously exciting. And it is the next step for humans too and I’d love to be a part of that, it’s groundbreaking,” says David Mould.

According to reports, McGrath has four university degrees and is working towards a PHD in sustainable food practice. She also likes extreme fitness challenges.

“Some of my friends, their first reaction was what about your hair, can you take your hairdresser, how will you survive without your hairdresser, and others were like you can’t run a marathon on Mars, what are you going to do about running?” she says.

Mould is 34 years old and a self-confessed Trekkie. David teaches public speaking in schools and says he helps students learn to voice their opinions democratically.

Life may seem to be different in Mars but the two are willing to take the risk.

Mars One is a nonprofit organization created by Bas Lansdorp and Arno Wielders. Their objective is to establish a lasting human settlement on Mars. Astronaut training will begin next year, according to the project’s website. The first group of volunteers is set to leave in 2024.

Discover Magazine wrote that “The Mars One mission plan consists of multiple unmanned cargo missions to Mars to build the infrastructure prior to the first manned mission, which will depart in 2024. Before humans arrive, a rover will build the life-support systems and shelter hubs for the pioneering crew. The Mars One Foundation plans to land an exploratory rover on the planet by 2018.”

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