Marvel Doctor Strange Movie News: Animated Film Finds A Director In Scott Derrickson; Sinister and The Exorcism of Emily Rose Filmmake Confirms In A Tweet

Although not yet officially labeled to be a part of the Phase 3 of the Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, Marvel

movie is reported to be launched in between the scheduled release of the second and third legs of the

Approximately a quarter ago, rumors started pointing to potential names who could be appointed for the directorial position of Marvel

movie. A shortlist of prominent directors being considered to head the production of the movie has apparently leaked. Fortunately, the question has already been answered. The ship has already found a captain. The movie already has a director.

As confirmed by

Scott Derrickson, one of the filmmakers eyed by the Marvel Studios for the task, has already been hired to be the director for

Other sources have also reported that Derrickson and the studio are still on the process of finalizing some details about the project. However, all sources are confidently claiming that the negotiations will definitely lead to a closed deal shortly. Derrickson’s previous directorial projects include


Nevertheless, it seems that the rumors have been confirmed through a tweet by Derrickson himself. He posted online last June 4, “My next movie will be STRANGE”, with a photo of himself holding a copy of the Doctor Strange comic book.


comic series focuses on the character of an arrogant and know-it-all neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange. Strange lost his fine surgical capabilities but eventually, gained for supernatural abilities instead. His newfound abilities become his weapon in protecting the Earth from the threats of dark magic.

Derrickson’s experience in the supernatural horror genre could turn out to be an advantage for him as he takes on his new directorial task for Marvel

movie. The director has also been widely acclaimed for his clever touch on horror and fantasy without compromising a sense of wonder.

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