Mass Effect 4 Release Date On PC Delayed? Early Launch For PS4 And Xbox One Hinted As BioWare Admits Piracy Concerns On The PC!


The Mass Effect 4 release date on PC could be put on hold as devs are getting more and more concerned about the piracy issue plaguing the platform.

One of the biggest things about the Mass Effect 4 release date rumors is that there won’t be a PC release date at all because the beta test for Mass Effect 4 is being done on the PS4 and Xbox One according to Cyberland.

While Bioware hasn’t commented on Mass Effect 4, rising piracy concerns for the PC are making devs uncomfortable with the platform thus making them hesitant to release their games on it.

According to an article by Alan Haslow of Motoring Crunch, a recent tweet from Aaryn Flynn the GM for BioWare’s Edmonton & Montreal studios, revealed that Mass Effect 4 is coming ever closer to completion and he said that he has been playing Mass Effect 4. He said that the game was beautiful, ambitious and fresh, while at the same time remaining recognisable and fun.

According to Alan Haslow, what “Mass Effect” fans can get from this statement is that the game developers have been testing “Mass Effect 4” and it’s been a month now since this statement was made and there still hasn’t been any further updates about the game.

“Mass Effect 4” will have some graphical enhancements and new dynamics in the game as it will run on the “Frostbite 3” game engine. The “Frostbite 3” game engine is the game engine being used for “Dragon Age 3.”

Gamers have started to revisit the “Mass Effect” trilogy and are playing it again from the beginning. Retailers have picked up on this and have started to reduce the price of the trilogy in the hope of selling more before “Mass Effect 4” hits the shelves.

Gamefly is offering a good deal as gamers can pick up the “Mass Effect” trilogy for $39.99. This means that each title costs less than $14 each. Gamers who are wondering what all the fuss is about with “Mass Effect 4” may want to take advantage of the price drop.

There is a great deal of talk about the save files and what influence this could have on “Mass Effect 4.” Transferring save files are important to “Mass Effect” as each decision and its consequence carries over from the previous game to the next game.

This presents a conundrum to next-gen gamers if “Mass Effect 4” hits the Xbox One and the PS4 as the “Mass Effect” trilogy is not available for the PS4 and Xbox One. According to Monica Walken of Motoring Crunch, next-gen console gamers may have to pay for save game transfers, but this is just speculation.

Aaryn Flynn however tweeted that next-gen versions of the “Mass Effect” trilogy are being talked about but no confirmation if “Mass Effect” will be ported to the Xbox One or the PS4.

What do you think about the Mass Effect 4 release date on PC being delayed? Sound off in the comments below!

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