Matt Serra TRT Use Admission: Being Under Said Therapy Is ‘Fun’? ‘The Terror’ Says Testosterone Replacement Among Younger Fighters Stupid

Matt Serra admitted on using TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy), mainly for physical improvement in his post-retirement life.

“The Terror”, who is one of the most colorful figures in mixed martial arts, was a former UFC welterweight champion. He won the title via a first-round TKO against another former champion, Georges St-Pierre. It was a fight that was considered as one of the biggest upsets of the sport.

He announced his retirement in May 2013, with a record of 11-7.

Since his retirement, Matt Serra has been on TRT, but he explains that it is mainly for his physical well-being. “The Terror” still runs his own jiu-jitsu school in New York City and helps train fighters such as UFC lightweight Al Iaquinta, and current middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

“After I got done fighting, I was always on the mat six days a week,” Serra told. “So I got on the TRT. I had some back issues, I’m always on the mat and I figured I’d get my levels checked because I had some guys going who were around my age or a little bit older.”

Matt Serra’s TRT use is an exception since he is no longer competing in professional mixed martial arts, but various athletic commissions have already banned it. The implementation of the said ruling has given trouble to various veteran fighters such as Chael Sonnen, Wanderlei Silva, and Vitor Belfort, all of whom are in their 30’s.

But for Matt Serra, TRT use among younger guys is “stupid”, adding that he himself has never done such medications throughout his entire fighting career.

“I think it is kinda stupid,” he said. ” It is funny. I don’t know why my levels were [that low]. Usually you get low stuff [testosterone] because you have done stuff.  I’ve never done anything. Never in my life.”

Matt Serra also expressed his satisfaction towards TRT, especially because he is using it for real medical purposes as prescribed by doctors.

“TRT is fun,” Serra continued. “The thing is I’m retired now man. I get a shot in the a**. I go to a legit place once a week.” 

“I’m not doing it in a back alley,” he added. “I’m at a legit doctor’s office.”

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