Metal Slug Movie Rumored To Be Directed By Michael Bay! Ji-Hoon ‘Rain’ Jung And Jamie Bamber Cast As Tarma And Marco? Who Will Play Eri And Fio?

One of the most popular game franchises from the 1990’s, Metal Slug is rumored to have a live action adaptation and the likeliest candidate to take the helm is allegedly Transformers director, Michael Bay.

According to The Movie News Hound, Michael Bay was asked if he wants to direct any other franchises after his stint with Transformers and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michael Bay then responded by saying “I don’t know if you are familiar with ‘Metal Slug’ but that’s one movie that I want to direct”.

Fans online are debating if Michael Bay is the perfect choice for this film adaptation. According to escapistmagazine, some fans did not take it positively; some even said that ‘Michael Bay confuses ‘Special Effects’ with ‘Ideas’. While some say it would be the perfect film for Bay, ‘since the story is simple and not that deep and mostly about blowing things up ranging from rebels to aliens.’

If this actually comes into fruition, Michael Bay and Metal Slug will be the perfect team-up. It is worth noting that Bay is a master of massive explosions, military and vehicles. Not to mention, he has a knack of choosing leading ladies that attracts a lot of male attention. A fellow critic even called this as “date rape with a camera.” In Metal Slug, he has plenty of room to make all this work.

Some fans online also speculated who could play the leading roles. The likeliest candidates are Battlestar Galactica star Jamie Bamber as Marco Rossi, Ninja Assassin star Ji-Hoon ‘Rain’ Jung as Tarma Roving-Ryuzaki, Suckerpunch’s Jamie Chung as Eri Kasamoto, and G.I. Joe’s Adriane Palicki as Fio Germi.

As a testament of how much fans want this badly, some made fan made trailers for the game. Will we see their wishes come true? What do you think about Michael Bay directing Metal Slug? Sound off in the comments below!

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