Michael Egan III Drops Third Sexual Abuse Charge against Gary Goddard

Michael Egan III has dropped a third a sexual abuse charge he initially filed against producer Gary Goddard.

The former model and child star previously accused several entertainment industry figures of sexual abuse, claiming that they abused him as a child several years ago, while he was in Hawaii.

On Saturday, Egan III’s attorneys filed papers at a federal court in Hawaii withdrawing the said lawsuit, according to

NBC News.

Although no reason for the withdrawal was stated in Egan III’s court filings, the former child star’s attorney confirmed that his client will have the opportunity to reinstate the case if he so wishes, The Sydney Morning Herald noted.

Prior to Saturday’s withdrawal, Egan III withdrew the cases he filed against David Neuman and Garth Ancier. As of late, “X-Men” director Bryan Singer is the only person still being sued by the complainant.

Last week, Egan III dropped the case against Ancier but the latter filed against Egan III and claimed that such allegations trampled his reputation. Ancier also confirmed that he never visited Hawaii where Egan III initially said he was abused at.

Ancier’s case states that Egan III’s sexual abuse lawsuit was intended to “smear, harass and severely injure Mr. Ancier as part of an avowed and very public campaign by Mr. Egan’s counsel to troll for new clients who would enable them to shake down other entertainment industry executives with threats of sexual assault charges.”

Egan’s attorney, Jeffrey Herman of Florida countered Ancier’s case and told

NBC News that it was “nothing more than an attempt to silence victims. I will not be bullied and I will continue to fight for victims of sexual abuse even when it happens in Hollywood,”

Variety reported.

Earlier this month, Egan III also dropped the case he filed against David Neuman, a Disney and CNN executive.

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