Michael Jackson Death Anniversary: Fans Commemorate The King Of Pop’s Death; Murray Goes For A Milk Run

Fans flocked Michael Jackson’s mausoleum in commemoration of the singer’s fifth death anniversary, TMZ reports. Many payed homage to the King of Pop by showing up dressed in his stage outfits.

The devoted fans also placed flowers and pictures as part of their annual pilgrimage to the Forest Lawn Cemetery on Wednesday.

Michael Jackson died on June 29, 2009 in the midst of preparation for his supposed comeback tour, “This Is It.” due to an overdose of propofol (a surgical anesthetic) administered by Dr. Conrad Murray. According to CNN’s commemorative report of his death, the iconic pop singer had been using the drug for months as treatment for his chronic insomnia. That night on June 29, the “Thriller” hitmaker was injected with a mix of Propofol and other sedatives in a desperate attempt to battle his insomnia and the stress of concert preparations.

Murray was tried for manslaughter over Jackson’s death. He told investigators that the singer had been taking nightly infusions of propofol for 60 nights-from May to June-except for two nights before his death.

CNN further reports that the testimonies and evidences presented concluded Jackson’s physical and mental health deteriorated in the two months of “treatment.”

Dr. Charles Czeisler, a Harvard Medical School sleep expert, testified at the wrongful death trial that the symptoms Jackson suffered from in the months following his death-absence of REM or rapid eye movement while sleeping, paranoia, hallucinations, and severe weight loss-was “induced by total sleep deprivation over a chronic period.”

Murray was sentenced to four years in jail for wrongful death. He served two years of those four years.

TMZ reports Murray “mocked” the late pop star’s memory by visiting a convenience store and buying milk, which was Jackson’s code word for propofol five years ago.

The doctor allegedly had done other “hijinks” in the past whenever the 2th of June came up, including taking a picture of himself in a tearful pose in front of MJ’s mausoleum and dancing at a wedding.

Jackon’s mother, Katherine, aged 85, currently has custody of the singer’s children, Prince (17), Paris (16), and Blanket (12). His nephew, T.J. Jackson, was named co-guardian.

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