Michael Jordan News: ‘MJ’ Anticipating Another Roster Upgrade For Upcoming Season? Charlotte Hornets Team Owner Sees More Success With Al Jefferson Aqcuisition

Michael Jordan news features “MJ’s” expectation of another roster upgrade for his team, Charlotte Hornets, for the 2014-2015 NBA Season and how he sees more success following their acquisition of big man Al Jefferson the past year.

“His Airness” elaborated on the Michael Jordan news as he spoke to

describing his enthusiasm for his team for the upcoming NBA season.

“I think we made a difference last year with Big Al (Jefferson) and some of the acquisitions,” Jordan said. “And I don’t anticipate this year being any different.”

Michael Jordan also spoke about the flexibility that his team holds in terms of player acquisition. It was something that “MJ” was also pleased about.

“This year we have a lot of flexibility and I’ve been speaking to that over the last three or four years,” Jordan explained. “Flexibility is very important and we are going to use every resource to try to better the team.”

The acquisition of Al Jefferson proved to be a great benefit for Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Hornets. This is why the six-time NBA champion is optimistic that Jefferson’s arrival in Charlotte can only mean more good things to come.

“I always thought Charlotte was a great destination,” Jordan added. “Big Al has proven that you can come here and make a big difference. Hopefully we can look at that and attract some other superstars.”

Michael Jordan news reports that Al Jefferson signed a three-year deal with the Hornets worth $41 million, the biggest deal made by the franchise.

For “MJ”, the deal was worth it because he believes that Jefferson’s arrival benefitted his team’s players as a whole.

“Everybody surrounded him and we got better. McRoberts was a huge part of that. So I think we got better as the year went along,” he said.

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