Michael Schumacher Update: F1 Doctor Says Fans ‘Will Never Have Any Good News’ About The Formula One Legend? Hospital And Family Remain Silent Regarding ‘Schumi’s’ Condition

Michael Schumacher update features F1 doctor Gary Hartstein’s statements regarding the formula one legend’s condition, adding that fans will never have any good news about their fallen hero.

“Schumi” has been in a medically induced coma for 18 weeks already, following a skiing accident in the French Alps in December 2013. While manager Sabrine Kehm did mention that Michael Schumacher did “show some signs of consciousness” back in January, no further updates have been released soon after.

The said situation has also made some medical experts believe that the longer “Schumi” stays in a coma, the bleaker are his chances of full recovery.

“It is not as if someone will switch on the light and the patient is all there,” Cambridge University Professor Peter Hutchinson told 

“He will probably come back to a world he doesn’t know.”

Dr. Hartstein affirmed this statement most recently, in an interview with

“I’m quite afraid (and virtually certain) we will never have any good news about Michael,” Hartstein said. “At this point, I rather dread seeing that the family has put out a press release.”

Dr. Hartstein also believes that should there be any progress about Michael Schumacher’s condition, the family and entourage will not keep such information from the public.

“I can conceive of no possible reason that Michael’s entourage, understandably extremely protective of his and their privacy, would not tell his fans if significantly good things have happened,” he added.

Dr. Hartstein’s statements regarding Michael Schumacher’s condition were also echoed by writer Roger Benoit, who sees no positive sign in the fact that “Schumi’s” family and Grenoble Hospital have released no further statements about the matter.

“Slowly, everybody is really worried,” Benoit said. “Grenoble and the family have been silent for weeks. Why?”

In February, French authorities have ruled out any criminal misconduct from the accident. 

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