Michael Schumacher Update: Formula One Legend More Responsive Says Doctor! ‘Schumi’s’ Wife Advised To ‘Get Some Downtime’ To Avoid Illness?

Michael Schumacher update reveals the Formula One Legend’s improved condition as he is transferred from Grenoble Hospital’s intensive care unit in France, to a rehabilitation clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The 45-year old Ferrari driver was placed in a medically induced coma in January after being involved in a skiing accident at the French Alps in late December.

Initially, medical experts were not counting on any positive news regarding “Schumi’s” condition, as they believed that the prolonged coma might only decrease the chances for survival.

But in a sudden turn of events, the Formula One legend awoke from his coma last week, and was removed from intensive care.

In a report by UK’s about Michael Schumacher update although “Schumi” remained silent during the 120-mile travel from France to Switzerland, he was more responsive according to Dr. Richard Franckowiak, Lausanne clinic’s director of neuroscience.

“During the 120-mile road journey from Grenoble to Lausanne, he kept his eyes open for long periods,” Dr. Franckowiak said of the Michael Schumacher update.

The doctor also added that “Schumi’s” transfer went “very, very well”, and that the same was committed to protecting the family’s privacy as they still go through the ordeal.

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna was also advised by doctors to take a break to prevent the risk of getting ill as well.

Corinna has been by her husband’s side for a total of six months since the time of the accident, and Hamburg’s Dr. Rüya-Daniela Kocalevent believes that it may have caused her an “enormous” amount of stress.

“If the wife is to assume that she must deliver a very one-sided support in the future, this one-sidedness makes no real partnership,” Dr. Kocalevent said. “She will for sure have need for a break and rest and she should give in to that.”

Dr. Kocalevent maintained that while she is indeed performing the duties of a loving wife to her husband, she must also take care of her own well-being, through the help of medical professionals.

“A little professional support during his rehabilitation could take the pressure off the long-suffering wife,” she added. “Corinna should create a network of caregivers, so that she can meet the need for downtime and quiet without guilt.”

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