Michael Schumacher Update: Formula One Legend Removed From Intensive Care! ‘Schumi’ Moved To Rehabilitation Ward Of Hospital, Now Out Of Danger?

Michael Schumacher update features the Formula One legend’s removal from Grenoble Hospital’s intensive care unit to its rehabilitation ward.

The report came from German magazine , although representatives of the family, particularly from manager Sabrine Kehm have yet to make a statement regarding the matter.

Michael Schumacher has been in a medically induced coma since January, following a skiing accident in the French Alps in late December, when he hit his head on a rock. Since then, he has been receiving treatment at the Grenoble Hospital.

F1 doctor Gary Harstein recently spoke about Michael Schumacher’s condition, saying that fans of the Ferrari driver may never hear good news from hereon.

“I’m quite afraid (and virtually certain) we will never have any good news about Michael,” Hartstein said in an interview with. “At this point, I rather dread seeing that the family has put out a press release.”

“I can conceive of no possible reason that Michael’s entourage, understandably extremely protective of his and their privacy, would not tell his fans if significantly good things have happened,” he added.

Formula One manager Flavio Briatore affirmed Dr. Harstein’s statement on Michael Schumacher update when he spoke to Italy’s

a week ago.

“No news is not good news,” Briatore said. “I’m quite afraid, and virtually certain, we will never have any good news about Michael.” 

Briatore also explained the family’s silence about the matter as of the moment.

“There is no news because the family is very closed,” he added about the Michael Schumacher update. “They are not communicating. But surely no news in this case is not good news.”

While also reported that Michael Schumacher is now “out of danger”, it also clarified that the chances for the Formula One legend’s full recovery have dropped. But even so, the 45-year old racer is being prepared for rehabilitation.

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