Michael Schumacher Update: Formula One Legend Shows No Signs Of Progress After Five Months In Coma; Expert Says ‘He Will Probably Come Back To A World He Doesn’t Know’?

Michael Schumacher update reveals that the Formula One legend is showing no signs of progress as he enters his fifth month in a medically induced coma.

“Schumi” has been on the said state since December 2013, after figuring in a skiing accident in the French Alps. Reports say that Michael Schumacher hit his head on a boulder, in the process.

Because of the stagnancy of his condition, medical experts believe that Michael Schumacher may be in a “vegetative state” if he does recover from the coma.

“The only thing we can say is that, statistically, 30 percent of patients recover well from a severe brain injury, mild impairment affects 50 percent of them and 20 percent of them suffer from severe disabilities and remain dependent on constant help,” French neurological professor Philippe Azouvi told Munich’s.

Formula One doctor Gary Harstein, on the other hand, says that the prolonged coma is not doing “Schumi” any good.

“The longer that he is in the coma, the more improbable it is that he will recover from it,” he said.

Cambridge University Professor Peter Hutchinson believes that Michael Schumacher may have to reboot his entire life upon his awakening, and that he it will not be easy to just pick up from where he left off.

“It is not as if someone will switch on the light and the patient is all there,” he told “He will probably come back to a world he doesn’t know.”

Meanwhile, Michael Schumacher’s supporters have continued to express their messages of hope and positivity. Most recently, fellow racer Sebastian Vettel says he is “praying for a miracle” that his childhood hero would return to his normal state once he wakes up.

“It’s horrible, especially for his family and close friends not knowing what’s going to happen,” Vettel said.

“In that regard I am still a shocked as everybody else and I pray and hope he will come back and the miracle will happen and he will be the person he always has been before,” he added.

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