Michael Schumacher Update: ‘Schumi’ Wakes Up From Coma, Released From Hospital! Formula One Legend Continues Rehabilitation, May Still Experience Physical Problems?

Michael Schumacher update features “Schumi’s” reported awakening from his medically induced coma and release from Grenoble hospital. The Formula One legend is currently continuing his rehabilitation at a specialist clinic in Lausanne, Switzerland, near his home.

His manager Sabrine Kehm, who added that the 45-year old Ferrari racer will “continue his long phase of rehabilitaion”, confirmed the Michael Schumacher update.

Michael Schumacher was placed in the coma after a skiing accident in the French Alps wherein he hit his head on a rock. He was with his 14-year old son when the mishap occurred.

Initially, experts were not expecting any positive outcome from the incident, especially when “Schumi’s” family and Grenoble hospital remained silent for a while regarding his condition.

“I’m quite afraid (and virtually certain) we will never have any good news about Michael,” F1 doctor Gary Hartstein said in an interview with . “At this point, I rather dread seeing that the family has put out a press release.”

“No news is not good news,” F1 manager Flavio Briatore told Italy’s. “I’m quite afraid, and virtually certain, we will never have any good news about Michael.” 

But Michael Schumacher’s release from the hospital is certainly a positive sign, experts now say, pointing out that it means his condition has stabilized.

“If he’s been released from the hospital he was in, it means he’s able to support his own breathing and bodily functions,” said Oxford University’s professor of neurosurgery Dr. Tipu Aziz.

However, Dr. Aziz maintains that despite Michael Schumacher’s release from the hospital, it does not guarantee that he will no longer experience any physical problems along the way.

“With rehabilitation, they’ll try to train him to cope with the disabilities that he’s got to achieve as much life function as possible,” Dr. Aziz continued. “If he’s had a brain injury, he may have weakness in his limbs secondary to loss of brain function.”

“He may have problems with speech and swallowing,” he added.

The Mercedes racing team expressed their delight regarding the Michael Schumacher update, and sent out their well wishes through Twitter.

“Encouraging news on Michael’s condition this morning. We couldn’t ask for a better start to the week. #KeepFightingMichael,” the tweet reads.

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