Michael Schumacher Update: ‘Schumi’s Medical Records Priced At $68,000! Formula One Legend Reported Dead By Facebook Scam Post?

Michael Schumacher Update: ‘Schumi’s Medical Records Priced At $68
Michael Schumacher Update: ‘Schumi’s Medical Records Priced At $68

Michael Schumacher update reveals that “Schumi’s” medical records were put on sale for £40,000, which is equivalent to $68,000.

The 45-year old Formula One legend was recently released from the intensive care unit of Grenoble Hospital in France and was transferred to the rehabilitation ward at Lausanne, Switzerland.

While he is undergoing his rehabilitation process, his medical records were reportedly stolen and put up for sale. It contained all of Michael Schumacher’s treatments and progress reports at Grenoble since December 29, right after he was airlifted from the accident scene.

According to French police, the perpetrator has been in constant communication with journalists regarding the Ferrari driver’s records, in exchange for a hefty price.

“The perpetrator or perpetrators of the theft contacted some French, Swiss and German journalists,” said Grenoble prosecutor Jean-Yves Coquillat in an interview with

about the Michael Schumacher update. “An individual, communicating by email, is asking for 60,000 Swiss francs (49,000 euros, $67,000) to provide a document of several dozen pages that summarizes everything that happened at Grenoble during Michael Schumacher’s hospitalization.”

Manager Sabrine Kehm reiterated that getting hold of Michael Schumacher’s medical records is prohibited.

“We expressly advise that both the purchase and the publication of such documents and data are forbidden,” Kehm explained the Michael Schumacher update. “The contents of any medical files are totally private and confidential.”

Meanwhile, a Facebook post announcing “Schumi’s” death went viral on Wednesday.

“F1 Star Michael Schumacher dead after come out from COMA few seconds ago. Miss you champ,” the post reads.

Security blog website immediately advised the public not to buy into such scams, adding that the people behind these schemes are mainly out there to make money through any means possible.

“You might think that it’s just a case of clicking on the video thumbnail to watch a news report of Michael Schumacher’s death, but you would be wrong,” the post reads. “The truth is that cold-hearted scammers are trying to drive traffic to the webpage, because if you do share it with your friends you are helping them generate traffic to their site.”

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