Microsoft Windows 9 Release Date Set On April 2015! Will It Be A Make Or Break Situation For Microsoft After The Lackluster Windows 8? What New Features Can This Upcoming OS Offer?

After a lackluster performance which resulted to plenty of negative feedbacks, Microsoft seems determined to quickly put Windows 8 back to the shelf. This OS hybrid which was designed to unite the world of PCs and tablets as a common platform being disliked by target audience and considered a failure in terms of sales. Between patches for Windows 8.1, designed to soften awaiting those who already use Windows 8, Microsoft is strives to bring Windows 9 to functional stage, ready to be officially unveiled in the first half of next year.

According to a Microsoft document quoted by a Chinese website, ‘the Redmond Company will offer to download Windows 9 Release Preview and Windows Phone platform in September for mobile devices in the range of Q2 – Q3 2015. As the name implies, Windows 9 Release Preview doesn’t represent the final form which Windows 9 will have, its role being to demonstrate the progress made by the new Microsoft platform and expose any problems that should be addressed.’

According to renowned blogger Paul Thurrott, known for the many revelations about Microsoft products, ‘the company will launch the next major release on Windows 2015, which means that Wndows 9 should reach RTM stage shortly after the announcement of Release Preview version.’

The document mentions the existence of another unreleased Windows product, at alpha stage, called Windows 365. According to other recent rumors, this is the new version of Windows 9 subscription, which can be used by paying a license that must be renewed at intervals time. Another possible option is that it is actually a Windows version for free, with basic functionality and options that can be unlocked for extra fees.

Unfortunately not much has been revealed on how Windows 9 will look and what adds new, but the expectation is to address many of the dissatisfaction that caused the failure of Windows 8 platform. Unlike the current version, Windows 9 is expected to contain a fully functional Start Menu and other changes designed to eliminate the gap created between “modern UI” ecosystem for touch screen and desktop interface for PC with mouse and keyboard. Probably, the new software allows you to run “modern UI” applications directly in desktop mode and the taskbar and start menu will be friendly with them, eliminating the mandatory use of home screen on devices that do not include touch screens.

Windows 9 expected release date is April 2015.

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