Mila Kunis Pregnant: Is The ‘Third Person’ Star’s Pregnancy Hormones Pushing Her To Be Rude And Mean? Kunis Gives Awkward Interview By Snapping At Reporter

Pregnant Mila Kunis is nearing her due date, but this doesn’t stop the “Third Person” actress from still working and giving interviews.

However, it might be implied that interviews might not be her thing as of late. Kunis has been recently put on the spotlight after she gave a harsh interview to Star-Ledger’s Stephen Whitty.

The interview started on a good note as pregnant Mila Kunis willingly shared information about her new movie “Third Person.”

I thought it would be interesting to play this girl who is going through heartache but just wants to blend in, not be noticed,” Kunis explained.

Whitty then proceeded to ask if Kunis is now leaning towards making low-budget films since she starred in indie films.

Kunis replied:  “Not really, because in the middle of all that I still did ‘Oz (the Great and Powerful)’ and I still did ‘Jupiter Ascending,’ so that sort of destroys your assumption.”

“It’s not like I go, ‘I’m going to do a tentpole movie now,'” she added. “You gravitate toward different things, different times.”

Kunis’ apparent dismay for the interviewer escalated when she was asked about her childhood experience in Ukraine.  The 30-year-old actress has been asked about their family’s immigration story a couple of times, and she’s not enjoying talking about it anymore.

“I’ve talked about me moving to America in a hundred interviews,” Kunis said. “It’s the most mundane subject possible, it’s like everyone’s immigrant story.”

She doesn’t want to talk about the Ukraine crisis either.

“I know what your next question is so let’s just skip it. You’re going to ask me what I think about what’s going on now in Ukraine. Just because I lived there until I was seven doesn’t mean I identify with Ukraine.”

When Whitty decided to change the topic and compliment pregnant Mila Kunis on her movies, Kunis took it the wrong way and considered it “as an insult.”

Kunis irritatingly replied: “I hate when people ask me this question. People have this misconception that comedy’s easy… I’m always looking for challenges and I find a lot of things to be challenging. It can be the director, the producer, a lot of things. I just want to work with people more talented than I am that I can learn from.” 

Do you think pregnant Mila Kunis was in the right to react in that way?  Comment below!

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