Mila Kunis Pregnant [UPDATE]: Is Her Rumored Nude Photoshoot Causing A Fight Between Her and Fiance Ashton Kutcher? Ashton’s Ex-Wife Demi Moore Not Yet Over Him?

Rumors of pregnant Mila Kunis’ new nude photoshoot are buzzing on the web. 

In an article on the tabloid Star, Mila’s fiancé Ashton Kutcher is not really happy with it.  In fact, it has been said that Ashton begged Mila to turn down the “offer to pose nude and bare her baby bump like what his ex-wife Demi Moore did for Vanity Fair in 1991.”

Apparently, friends close to Demi are admitting that she isn’t “over” the breakup and could be “pushed over the edge” if pregnant Mila would pose nude just like what she did.

Star continued to explain that Ashton just didn’t want Mila to do it so they can avoid to “upset a still fragile Demi.”

“Ashton doesn’t stop Mila from doing anything,” a supposed “insider” told the tabloid, “but he’s putting his foot down about the photos.”

“He’s so excited about becoming a dad, but he doesn’t want to rub that in Demi’s face,” added the so-called source.

But, is the rumor true?  Celebrity rumor site Gossip Cop calls it fake on this one.

In an article, Gossip Cop gave the juicy news a 100% rumor on the real and rumor scale.  It also revealed that Star has been known to repeatedly publish unverified and fictitious reports about Mila, Ashton and Demi.

The tabloid has earlier released stories about Ashton keeping his engagement to Mila a secret to Demi, and another story claiming Mila doesn’t want to sign Ashton’s pre-nup agreement.  Both stories were proven to be false and was only fabricated by the tabloid.

A source close to pregnant Mila Kunis also assured Gossip Cop that this latest news is “false.”

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