Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour: Her Topless Photos For Photo Shoot Revealed; ‘Wrecking Ball’ Singer Posing In Only Underwear And High Heels

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour has taken a new and more daring route! Check out all of the photos on. 

The just-released Miley Cyrus photos show the ‘Wrecking Ball’ singer posing in only underwear and high heels. Warning: These photos are racy and revealing!

Miley Cyrus, 21, is no stranger to shocking the world with her wild antics. In never-been-seen photos from her Bangerz photo shoot, Miley shows almost everything – you seriously gotta see these pics to believe it!

MIley, according to reports, you’re still dying for your ex fiance Liam Hemsworth’s attention. If so, these sexy new topless shots are definitely one way to make sure he notices you! In the newest round of nearly-nude Miley photos, the controversial songstress poses in a pair of high-waisted white briefs – with no shirt or pants anywhere in sight. The wild singer, who just had a new song leak, playfully uses her hands to cover her breasts. 

In the raciest photo from the set, Miley turns around so her back is to the camera. With her hands tucked behind her head and left hip popping out, Miles looks ultra sexy, confident and leaves VERY little to the imagination! People are constantly questioning if Miley’s going too far with her sexy behavior, but the singer doesn’t let the haters change who she is.

Miley’s completely comfortable being topless. During her Bangerz tour, she played an S&M-inspired video for the concert audience! In the vid, a tied-up Miley touches herself, licks her lips and writhes around – all while wearing only bikini bottoms and two black Xs over her nipples! The video was directed by filmmaker Quentin Jones – and it’s beyond trippy.

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