Miley Cyrus Gives A Raunchy Performance On Day One Of ‘Dead Petz’ Tour

Miley Cyrus Gives A Raunchy Performance On Day One Of 'Dead Petz' Tour

Miley Cyrus Gives A Raunchy Performance On Day One Of 'Dead Petz' Tour

The Hollywood singer, Miley Cyrus’s “Dead Petz Tour 2015” kicked off to a great start with lots of music and criticism, according to The New York Daily News . The tour will feature Miley’s song from her latest album, released back in September and will be accompanied by “The Flaming Lips” band.

She gave a performance at Rivera Theatre in Chicago city on November 19, 2015 and displayed her most shocking outfit till date. The singer performed on various songs and changed her costumes according to the songs theme.

According to , the Thursday night’s performance consisted of the full collection of her album. The band lead of “The Flaming Lips,” Wayne Coyne was Miley’s sideman for the show. The show started off with the “Doo It” song from the album and ended with “We can’t stop” track.
The “Can’t be tamed” singer wore different props ranging from moon boots, horse’s tail, fake breasts, prosthetic dildos and purple fright wig.  She also dressed up as an “infant” for one song , a “unicorn” for another and  dressed in “butter” outfit for a song, reported The Guardian .
Miley sang to the bunch of flowers to convey her feelings for the “Sunrise” song and crushed the same flowers with her moon boots. She performed on Karen’s folk-pop song “Don’t be sad” and diverted the attention of the entire audience to her fake sex toy wavering in the air.
According to Rolling , Cyrus also snuggled onto one of her dancer’s chests during the performance for which she was dressed as a baby. The pop star performed casually and staged a raunchy performance for the live event.
The 22-year old will visit seven more cities in US and Canada for the tour which will come to a halt on December 19 in Los Angeles.

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