‘Miley Cyrus’ Restraining Order Against Obsessed Fan Extended! ‘Stalker’ Believed ‘Adore You’ Singer Talked To Him On The Radio!

“Wrecking Ball” pop singer Miley Cyrus secured a three-year restraining order on Friday against an obsessed fan from Arizona man who delusionally believes that Cyrus communicates with him via her songs.

It was confirmed that a Los Angeles judge granted Cyrus the three-year restraining order against Devon Meek who she believed might threaten her safety.

The pop singer is now in fear of her safety due to Meek’s mental state and apparent obsession. The restraining order demands that Meek must stay 100 yards away from Cyrus as well as from her performance and concert venues.

It was also stated on the restraining order, which E!News shared, that “Meek, who we are informed and believe suffers from delusions about Ms. Cyrus, believes that the singer/actress/celebrity Ms. Cyrus communicates with him through her songs and is telling him to come to see her so that they may be together.” 

Devon Meek, 24 was arrested on May 16 by the Los Angeles Police District while trying to meet Cyrus at property that he believed was owned by the pop singer.

Meek was taken and held in a psychiatric hospital where he remained until May 23, the day when the initial restraining order was granted.

It was reported that Meek “hears screaming voices in his head and thinks Miley is talking to him through the radio.”

According to a sworn statement wrote by Detective Rosibel Smith, Meek told the officers to shoot him in the head if he could not meet the pop singer.

Smith also said that Meek told the officer who interviewed him that he would continue to try to meet Cyrus after he is released from the hospital and “he will continue to go to Ms. Cyrus’ residence until Ms. Cyrus accepts him or he dies.”

It has been a threat to the pop singer so she decided to extend the restraining order against the obsessed fan.

Cyrus is currently in Spain on the European leg of her Bangerz tour.

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