Mindy Kaling Dating: ‘Mindy Project’ Star Says She Was Asked On Red Carpet What Color Man She Wants To Date, Calls Danny Castellano A ‘X-Man’

Mindy Kaling talks about dating to The Guardian, and about how the “Mindy Project” star was once asked on the red carpet what color man she wants to date.

Kaling also talked about missing New York City, where she first moved to after college at Dartmouth. “You see more women who are in charge out here. In Hollywood, there are heads of studios who are women, but in terms of running your own show, it’s not that high a percentage. And so it can take an adjustment to deal with a woman in charge, who is just decisive.”

It was never a problem on The Office, where she was the one female to seven male writers, “but the guys were very sweet and emancipated, and more feminist than many of my female friends, to be honest.” And, of course, on The Mindy Project, she’s responsible for recruitment, so she hires “a lot of feminists” herself.

She also said about her unique position as an Indian woman with her own television show, “I look at shows on TV, and this is going to just seem defensive, but I’m just gonna say it: ‘I’m a fucking Indian woman who has her own fucking network television show, OK?'”

Kaling added, “This is my own fault, but I learned that if you have something important to say, you shouldn’t swear, because when it’s taken out of context it seems like you’re out of control and you’re furious. It became the juiciest soundbite of a woman that was going out of control with anger and blind fury.”

The “Mindy Project” star also talked about  something that happened at a red-carpet event last year, when she was questioned over what color man she prefers to date.

Kaling was also recently at a Fox Television hosted panel event at “Girls Night Out” at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre in North Hollywood.

Kaley was one of seven very talented women who spoke on the panel, which also included “Glee’s” Sue Sylvester, Jane Lynch; Chelsea Peretti from “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.”

Kaling discussed the will-they-won’t-they nature of her character’s relationship with Chris Messina’s Danny Castellano on “The Mindy Project.”

“‘Won’t they’ is delicious,” Kaling said. “‘Will they’ is something you’ve seen, and longing is just so much more entertaining, and you relate to that person more than the person who just has a girlfriend or boyfriend. Like, who cares about happy people? It’s pining that gives it the underdog feeling.” 

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