Miss Delaware Beauty Pageant Scandal Continues; Crown Stripped Due To ‘Old’ Age

Another beauty pageant scandal surfaces as Miss Delaware 2014 gets her title taken away because she’s reportedly too old.

24-year-old Amanda Longacre was crowned on June 14 and less than two weeks later, she was informed she would be losing her title, according to

Fox News.

Longacre will be turning 25 before the year’s end, disqualifying her from the competition, she explained to MyFoxPhilly.

The pageant requires contestants be between ages of 17 and 24, according to the Miss America website. The current scandal gets even more frustrating because the former Miss Delaware has reportedly stated that she was unaware of the rules when she entered the competition.

“I was not aware of that. It is in the contract however, but it’s very deeply hidden in the contract and, because I was told of my eligibility, I assumed that my paperwork was being verified by the board,” the former pageant winner stated.

Longacre stated that she signed her contract, with her age and birthday clearly stated, and a member of the board signed off on that contract on a local, state and national level, according to

NBC News.

Carolyn Nelson, media relations coordinator for the Miss Delaware organization, confirms that Longacre did nothing wrong and had accurately reported all of her information on applications.

Despite this fact, the former Miss Delaware is reportedly being quickly bumped out of any pageant affiliated groups.

“They deleted me off of everything, they’re ignoring me. They deleted me off the [Facebook] group and put up a press release announcing a new Miss Delaware,” stated Longacre.

Longacre will be losing all prizes associated with the title, as well as $11,000 in scholarship money that was reportedly going to help her pursue her master’s degree in Social Work.

“I really love this state, I love the people here. I want to be a social worker, that’s what I’m going to graduate school for and this was an opportunity for me to meet thousands of people all over my state and get to know them,” stated Longacre. 

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