Mission Impossible 5 Spoilers: Christopher McQuarrie Film Allowed To Shoot Inside The Houses Of Parliament! Source Says, ‘Tom Cruise Will Obviously Feature Heavily In The Scenes’

A few weeks ago, Tom Cruise revealed some “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers and one of that is where they will be shooting the film. As reported by , the actor said: “‘I’m working on the next mission soon and we’re shooting it here in London.”

Many Brits got excited upon hearing this news because this could boost their tourism and they will also get a chance to spot the Hollywood heartthrob in action. However, the actor that plays IMF agent Ethan Hunt revealed that they haven’t thought of a title for the film as of that moment.

Cruise said, ‘We haven’t come up with the title yet.” He added, “Hopefully I’ll come up with a good one before the movie is finished.” In the previous “Mission Impossible” film, they added “Ghost Protocol” to it. The fifth installment needs to have another kickass title too.

Since we all know where the cast and crew will be filming, people have been wondering where exactly in London since that’s quite a big city. New “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers were revealed and it involved the film location.

A source told that director Christopher McQuarrie and lead actor Tom Cruise were given permission to shoot the “Mission: Impossible 5” inside the Palace of Westminster. The insider said, “MI5 will feature numerous well-known locations in London but the Houses of Parliament is clearly the biggest coup.”

The source also revealed, “Tom Cruise will obviously feature heavily in the scenes. You can imagine the writers are excited about what stints they could pull off inside the Commons.” If ever this is true, then MI5 will be the second film to be granted access to the iconic landmark.

The first movie that was given permission to use the Houses of Parliament for filming is the British drama “Suffragette”, which stars Merly Streep. The Sarah Gavron film will be released in UK theatres on January 16, 2015.

After they’re done filming “Suffragette”, Tom Cruise and the rest of the cast can start doing some crazy stunts inside the Houses of Parliament. Maybe the next “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers will consist of behind the scenes photos shot in that reputable London building.

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