Mission Impossible 5 Spoilers: Tom Cruise Returns To London To Shoot The Film! Actor Reveals ‘We Haven’t Come Up With The Title Yet’

The latest “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers will definitely make the fans of Ethan Hunt excited. According to The Telegraph, Tom Cruise recently announced that he will be flying back to London to film the latest sequel of the “Mission Impossible” franchise.

The 51-year old actor went to the capital city of England for the premiere of his latest film “Edge of Tomorrow”. During the press conference of the sci-fi flick, Tom excused himself for not staying any longer in London.

He said, “It’s great to be here but we’re doing three premieres in a day so I am off to Paris and then New York.” The Brits were somewhat disappointed to hear that, but they were delighted about Tom Cruise’s “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers.

The actor that plays Ethan Hunt revealed, “I’m working on the next Mission soon and we’re shooting it here in London.” That’s better because Tom will be spending more time in their city, which means more chances of interviewing him.

The Christopher McQuarrie film is scheduled for release on December 25, 2015 so they still have enough time to work on the movie. However, Tom spilled out more “Mission Impossible 5” spoilers to the press people and he sounded a little problematic.

The actor that played Ethan Hunt said, “We haven’t come up with the title yet.” He added, “Hopefully, I’ll come up with a good one before the movie is finished.” The title of MI4 was the Ghost Protocol, so they should think of a catchy title for the fifth installment as well.

Or maybe they should just leave it as “Mission Impossible 5” since the first three movies didn’t have additional titles. It’s just the main title plus the Roman Numeral of the sequel. Since Tom Cruise admitted that they are thinking of a title, can you give us some suggestions for that?

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