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Miyuu Kusunoki(Miyuu Sasaki) 2014 / 楠みゆう 佐々木みゆう

Miyuu Kusunoki(Miyuu Sasaki)


  1. A sto ako pravam pkoratki razgovori na primer od 10min maksimum? Dali dobivam povekje razgovori togas od 200 ili nema vrska dolzinata na razgovorite? Vazno deka na sekoj povik ke mi se presmeta 2,5 den,pa od tamu sleduvaat 200 povici mesecno?

    • Marek taisi tästä asiasta jotain kommentoida hepteliikenn-lisoalaisille, minulle säännöt eivät oikein hahmotu, mutta tuntuisi järjettömältä, että oikealle kääntyvät autot tukkisivat pyöräilijöiltä sujuvan pääsyn pyöräboksiin *pysähtymällä pyöräkaistalle* kun valot ovat punaiset. Se on tietty ihan ok, että *ajaa* pyöräkaistan yli tai sen päällä ryhmittyessään liikennevirrassa.

    • In the complicated world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.

    • Interesting that the republican student group acted to spark debate and give attention to an important issue that affects every single member of our society, and the leader of the democratic student group would shut down the debate and cover it up.But I do agree with Ms. LaVoie on one point: she is indeed a troubled person, and in more ways than she is aware.

  2. Dennis, I'm becoming more convinced that we will come up with a better solution. I kept trying to make the conversion happen because I do believe that "where there's a will, there's a way" but I think we need to go at the goal of Robert living with us a different way. I'm sure there's a better solution that we will figure out! Thanks for the support — I'll keep you posted on what we do.

  3. Por otro lado, no prometen empleos fijos, sino que son más bien tablones de anuncios web y pretenden que tamto quien busca a alguien para realizr un encargo, como el profesional que se ofrece, se encuentren con rapidez y lleguen a un acuerdo sin demasiados problemas.

  4. being able to spend time with grandparents is special and it always saddens me to see when people don’t appreciate that chance. my grandparents all passed away before i was ten so i don’t have many actual memories with them. so glad you get to make these memories and treasure them! xokim´s last [type] ..

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