Monday Night Raw Results 6/2: WWE Raw Recap June 2, 2014: John Cena Meets A New Adversary! The Shield Splits Up! What Was Triple H’s ‘Plan B’?

Monday Night Raw Results 6/2: After what happened on last night’s main event, Payback, Batista finally announces he is quitting the WWE. The Game instead stressed that The Animal stick to the “plan” and the “bigger picture,” but Batista chose instead to change the rules. He quit, and as the WWE Universe finally gave him his ovation, The Game was – for the first time in a long time – left to deal with it

Barrett had to tag in to staunch Sheamus’ onslaught and evened the odds with a couple of ferocious clotheslines and boots to a fresh RVD. The fearsome foursome traded shots for the better part of twenty minutes until Sheamus tagged in and began to roll. Cesaro, having had enough of the Celt for the time being, bid Barrett a heartfelt au revoir and left him to the mercy of a Brogue Kick and – payback for RVD – Five-Star Frog Splash combo.

Bo was willing to take a few licks of his own as well, and he ate a couple of top-rope strikes from Kofi before finally knocking Kingston off the ropes as he was setting up for the third, immediately pouncing with the running Bo-dog for an un-Bo-lieveable win.

The victorious John Cena chose this time to make his presence known, and floated the idea that perhaps Stephanie’s vendetta has clouded her judgment and compromised her ability to run WWE (what he actually said was, “you suck”). Unfortunately for Cena, regardless of any impromptu evaluations, Stephanie does have one card up her sleeve at all times: Kane himself, who emerged from the fire at her command to face the Cenation leader one-on-one.

The Cenation Leader’s fatigue was obvious in this match from last night’s victory against Bray Wyatt. Thus, the Devil’s Favorite Demon had no qualms with sacrificing a DQ loss for the sake of beating Cena within an inch of unconsciousness. Cena got away in one piece by hauling the steel steps into the demon’s face, but the escape was a narrow one at best. Next time he might not be so lucky.

‘Swoggle – sporting a giant Afro wig – seemed to have recovered from the shaving, but Los Matadores exposed his dirty secret by ripping the rug off and exposing his still half-shaved head. Hornswoggle’s ensuing freak-out left Heath Slater distracted and prone to – ¡olé! – a roll-up for a Matadores win.

Nikki only got a few moves in before “Foxsana” kicked into second gear; the former scoring the pinfall with a scissor kick and the latter administering some well-timed knees during a post-match beating.

Rose unleashed an array of unique offense on Swagger, who had no answer readily available, and finally pounced with his signature Party Foul to bring the night to an end.

The brothers did have the Wyatts reeling after some big dives that sent the big men tumbling, true. But Harper & Rowan didn’t stay on their sizable heels for too long; Harper blocked a Superfly Splash and a (surprisingly) quick tag from Rowan opened the door for a high-collar slam to Jimmy Uso that sealed the deal. The sheep has fangs.

The Showoff didn’t go quite so quickly, though, splattering Del Rio with a top-rope facebuster and (finally) dodging a superkick that would have beat the bleach out of his hair. Dolph was just a hair too quick to follow-up that escape, though, and Del Rio locked in the Cross Armbreaker to punch his ticket to Boston. In other words, Alberto Del Rio finds himself, once again, with money within his reach. Just the way he likes it.

As cold as Cody’s been, RybAxel are just as hot: Goldust & Sin Cara’s inexperience as a team showed and RybAxel was able to capitalize; “The Big Guy” shoved Goldust through the ropes and Axel dodged Sin Cara’s senton before planting him into the mat for the 1-2-3.

The Hounds of Justice never looked stronger than they did at Payback, but the foundation of the three “brothers” was shattered with the swing of a chair and a deal with the devil. Triple H, accompanying Randy Orton with sledgehammer in hand for his match against Roman Reigns, vowed to reveal “Plan B” for his war on The Shield, but rather than a well-timed swing of the hammer, it turned out to be Seth Rollins, who swung a steel chair into his fellow Hounds and left Reigns prone for yet another symbolic stripping and beating by The Apex Predator. Call it the evolution of Evolution, call it the crack in The Shield. Either way, the war has just begun.

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