Moto 360 Watch Price, Release Date: Motorola’s Google Watch’s ‘Secret’ Charging Method Revealed, Android Wear To Be Released This July, Rumor Suggests

Moto 360 watch price, release date is reportedly suspected to be in July however its worldwide plans are still not revealed. The smartwatch which doesn’t feature a USB port has a “secret” charging method teased by Motorola earlier this year. The company also casually hinted on the price of through the official rules of a contest, suggesting that its “average retail value” is $249.

According to Tech Radar, Motorola recently confirmed that the Moto 360 charges wirelessly via magnetic induction. Motorola’s Andoid wear photos reveal the rear of the watch that features a strange purple backing. It is speculated to be used for the Qi charging method.

Rumor suggests that the Moto 360 watch screen is a custom-made OLED display. Reportedly, OLEDs consume as much as 40% less power when displaying black images vs LCDs because they can turn off individual pixels. The opposite is true for battery-draining white backgrounds.

Unlike the Samsung Gear 2, Geo 2 Neo and Gear Fit that are not compatible with non-Samsung devices, Tech Radar reported that Motorola confirmed the Moto 360’s compatibility with all Android 4.3 and Android 4.4 phones and tablets that take advantage of battery-sipping Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

This means “that the Moto 360 has a wider potential audience.” Online Tech Advisor expects it to be “protected by sapphire glass, a custom-made OLED display, a mostly black watch face screensaver so an OLED screen will help to reduce battery life consumption.”

According to Load The Game, the Moto 360 which runs with Google’s Android Wear OS can be used in either right or left hand because of its orientation- free design. Even the classic knob is on one side, the UI can be flipped around since it is a digital watch face.

Where ever you wear it, Moto 360’s beautiful watch face has a better chance of staying in pristine condition if it’s protected by sapphire glass vs Gorilla Glass.

Sapphire glass has a hardness level that is said to be four times greater than the Gorilla Glass that protects many of today’s smartphones.

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