Motorola Moto E Vs. Nokia X2: Low Cost Android-Based Phone Specs Compared, Prices Starts At $130

Motorola Moto E vs. Nokia X2, these are smartphones that offer better performance specifications at a very low cost. According to The Fuse Joplin, Motorola Moto E can be bought at around $130 meanwhile PC world advised that Nokia X2, launched by Microsoft Tuesday, is a close match up with almost the same price.

Both smartphones are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 200, dual core processor, clocking at 1.2 GHz powers it, combined with a RAM of 1 GB. Moto E has Adreno 302 that handles the graphics with a 400 MHz, single core GPU. The performance is generally quite good, as features are kept simple using the stock Android OS without customization.

Reportedly, the Moto E uses the standard Android user interface while that of the X2 looks a lot like Windows Phone. Google services are available for Moto E while Microsoft conveniences such as, Skype and OneDrive are utilized on the X2. According to Nokia’s developer site, about 75% of Android apps will run on the X2 without any modifications.

Both phones have rear camera of 5 MP. The Moto E camera has an HDR mode and a panorama mode while the X2 boasts of its front camera with 640 by 480 pixels resolution.

The Moto E fits neatly into the hand and is easy to use one handed with its 124.8 mm x 64.8 mm dimension. It is slightly lighter compared to the 150 gram X2 that measures 121.7 mm x 68.3 mm.

VR Zone advised that the X2 comes with almost the same iconic Asha design with “playful paint jobs”, plus a capacitive home key next to the back button, the X2 is solid and full-bodied.

The Moto E has a curved rear cover and an edge-to-edge display with only a small amount of a bezel on either side. Motorola has decided to offer a black and white facia with the interchangeable shells other cases for the rear. The Moto Shell for the Moto E will come in nine different colours.

Motorola Moto E is now out in the market while Nokia X2 starts shipping in July.

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