‘My Cat From Hell’ Star Lux Baby Attack Explained; Cat Put On Meds

Lux, the star feline of “My Cat From Hell,” terrified his owners and viewers so much that he was even given the nickname “911 cat.”

Lux’s owners called the cops on the cat for attacking their baby and trapping the entire family in a room, according to the

Huffington Post.

The cat was then featured on an episode of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell” where he was put under the care of feline behaviorist Jackson Galaxy.

“This cat had me over a barrel. Lux is challenged internally. He is physically really challenged. Emotionally challenged. At the end of the day, he was put in this situation that raised that challenge level to a red flag. It was a lot of wrong place, wrong time,” Galaxy told the Today Show.

In the reality show that aired last weekend, Galaxy persuades another Portland couple to take Lux after his owners gave him up due to the harm the cat might potentially cause the family’s baby, who was reportedly scratched on the forehead.

Under the care of the new owners, Lux was treated with antidepressants and anti-seizure medication, according to

Yahoo News. A veterinarian diagnosed Lux with feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which can trigger violent behavior.

After the episode’s taping, Lux reportedly attacked his new guardians, causing them to give him up for their own safety.

“It was the worst letdown. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bigger shock. This is the hardest case I have ever worked,” Galaxy told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

Galaxy has yet to give up on the 4-year-old cat. Lux is currently in a veterinary clinic where he receives medication while undergoing treatment to try to identify what makes him so aggressive.

“I do not see a vicious cat. I do not see a killer,” the show’s host stated upon meeting the feline.

The medication is reportedly starting to work for Lux. Staff members at the clinic have put Lux in different social situations to see how the cat responds now.

“I’m going to keep working with this cat. I’ve got to be sure I give him the best shot,” stated Galaxy. 

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