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‘My Daughter, Keum Sa Wol” Crafted By Jun In Hwa

'My Daughter, Keum Sa Wol

In “My Daughter Keum Sa Wol,” the poisonous incident that Jun In Hwa had created was a fraud.
On the episode of MBC weekend drama “My Daughter Keum Sa Wol” (script Kim Soon Ok, director Baek ho Min, Lee Jae Jin) broadcast on September 27 th , Kang Man Hoo (played by Son Chang Min) slapped Choi Ma Ree (played by Kim Hee Jung).  Choi Ma Ree had gotten framed for trying to poison Shin Deuk Ye (played by Jun In Hwa).

On this day, Kang Man Hoo was taking care of Shin Deuk Ye who had collapsed.  With that, Kang Man Hoo was sure that Choi Mi Ra had put pesticide in the cake that Shin Deuk Ye ate.  At this, as soon as Choi Ma Ri came home, he slapped her.  He then said, “If you touch my wife again I’m not going to let you be.  This is the final warning.’
Choi Ma Ri talked about how unjust this felt.  Nonetheless, no one believed Choi Ma Ri’s words.  It turned out that Shin Deuk Ye’s words were a self-created story.  Shin Deuk Ye had put on strong pesticide on top of the cake and with that, he had no choice but to collapse.
To Choi Ma Ri who looked as if they were unjust, Shin Deuk Ye said, “What do you feel so unjust about? This is just the beginning.”

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