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‘My Daughter’ Park Se Young Lies To Baek Jin Hee

'My Daughter' Park Se Young Lies To Baek Jin Hee

In “My Daughter, Keum Sa Wol” Baek Jin Hee was frauded by Park Se Young’s strategy.
In “My Daughter Keum Sa Wol” Park Se Young  started to talk badly about the relationship between Baek Jin Hee and Park Sang Won.

On the 12 th episode of MBC “My Daughter Keum Sa Wol” (script Kim Soon Ok, director Baek Ho Min, Lee Jae Jin) broadcast on October 11 th , Keum Sa Wol (played by Baek Jin Hee) wanted to take away of the guilty association of the incidents related to the pine trees.  With that, he went to follow the article.
In the article, Sa Wol pushed and said, “The person that put me up to this is Oh Min Ho.”  At this, Sa Wol was very shocked.  All of the sudden, he went to Oh Hye Sang (played by Park Se Young) and asked whether all of this was the truth.
Then again, Hye Sang said, “Actually the person that asked to pick up the pine tree was my father.  He wanted to win regardless of what went on in this competition.”  With that, he lied.
In actuality, Hye Sang had already predited that Sa Wol would go to find the article.  With that, he went to go buy out the article.

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