‘My Dear Cat” Jun Hyo Sung How Was The FIrst Episode

'My Dear Cat" Jun Hyo Sung How Was The FIrst Episode
'My Dear Cat" Jun Hyo Sung How Was The FIrst Episode

Jun Hyo Sung showed a new presence in the new drama KBS 1 daily drama “My Dear Cat” episode 1.

In the drama, Jun Hyo Sung constantly undergoes sly actions but with a cute smile and tact, she plays the role of journalist Han Soo Ri who works at a magazine who you simply cannot hate. She plays the protagonist role in this drama.

Jun Hyo Sung has already played the role of the ghost “Han Na Young,” a high school ghost, in the OCN drama “Chu Yong” as she was in a mystery drama.  Here, she is adding a key piece of evidence to mystery and adding interest to the drama.

On this day, Jun Hyo Sung perfected the role of journalist “Han Soo Ri.”  She lied to Yang Soon and gave her own transcript over.  She makes blunders and mistakes but shows a very cute evil character.

In addition, she acts like a princess-like character “Han Soo Ri” and the way that she looks at her fashion is also a hidden fun of “My Dear Cat.” Jun Hyo Sung is a fashion icon of women in their twenties and here, she wears a white top, a fancy bracelet with fiery red nails as her fashion sense added fun to the drama.

Meanwhile, KBS 1 daily drama “My Dear Cat” is about a man and a woman who each lose a cat.  They find their cats and through this process they meet each other.  They learn about the secret behind their family and they experience a process of forgiveness and conflicts and resolution.  It will be airing at 8:25PM.

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