‘My Dear Cat” Lee Jae Yong Believes In His Only SOn

'My Dear Cat" Lee Jae Yong Believes In His Only SOn
'My Dear Cat" Lee Jae Yong Believes In His Only SOn

Lee Jae Yong appeared in the drama as a sprendthrift.  On the episode of KBS daily drama “My Dear Cat” (script Lee Eun Joo, director Kim Won Young) broadcast on June 9, he plays the role of a pennypincher Yeom Byung Soo who only hopes for the success of his son Um Chi Woong (played by Hyun Woong).  In the drama, Um Chi Woong bollows money from a loanshark but couldn’t repay it so he had his camera confiscated.  

When Chi Woon gwas in a difficult situation with his camera stolen, he started to receive calls from the loansharks.  The call came from none other than Yeom Byung Soo.  He didn’t know that the money that his son was caught by was of a loanshark and he warned, saying that the owner of the meat restaurant has not been seen for a couple days.  As his subordinate came with meat instead of interest, he didn’t think about eating it but told him to put it in the company.

He felt that it was unfortunate that the subordinate didn’t even get to taste the meat but he asked why this was being eaten and showed a penny-pnicher side to him.

As soon as he came home, he asked for water and his wife put out hot water on purpose.  He thought it was cold and started culping it down as his tongue was burnt and he started screaming at his wife.  Nonetheless, Soon Ja had something to say too.  She was complaining that they had money but they didn’t buy a water purifier and always stuck to boiling water.  In the end, she wanted a divorce and started to push her head into Yeom Byung Soo.

Meanwhile, KBS 1 daily drama “My Dear Cat” is about a man and a woman who each lose a cat.  They find their cats and through this process they meet each other.  They learn about the secret behind their family and they experience a process of forgiveness and conflicts and resolution.  It will be airing at 8:25PM.

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