“My Sassy Girl” To Be Remade Into A Drama

My Sassy Girl To Be Remade Into A Drama
My Sassy Girl To Be Remade Into A Drama


Viewers who enjoyed the film “My Sassy Girl” may be pleased to hear that it will also become a drama.

The 2001 romantic comedy, which starred Cha Tae Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun, became the biggest Korean film of 2001 and the highest grossing Korean comedy of all time. “My Sassy Girl” went on to become a Hallyu hit in Japan, China and the rest of Asia.

The film even inspired an American remake, which starred Jesse Bradford and Elisha Cuthbert. A drama version was created but it happened in Japan. The Japanese drama, starring Tsuyoshi Kusangi and Rena Tanaka, was shown in 2008.

The film’s script was based on a true story that was originally posted online in a series of blogs and later became a novel. “My Sassy Girl” tells the story of an engineering student who meets a drunken girl on a train. She is his type but she’s also repulsively drunk. Because a fellow passenger misunderstands their relationship he winds up taking care of her. And somehow he also winds up in jail with her.

However awkward their first meeting was, the two are obviously fated to meet. And the story is fated to be told again.

Negotiations to turn the film into a drama began two years ago when a contract was signed with the production company Raemongraein. But production plans reportedly sped up recently due to the popularity of the film’s star Jun Ji Hyun. The actress, who has primarily been making films for the last decade, became an even bigger star when she played a Hallyu actress in the small screen fantasy drama “You Who Came From The Stars.” The drama had ratings as high as 28.1 percent and sparked trends wherever it was seen.

In “You Who Came From The Stars” Jun Ji Hyun also has some hilarious drunken scenes. In one such scene she accuses her next-door neighbor, played by Kim Soo Hyun, of being in her apartment. Perhaps these scenes reminded some viewers of her previous film role as the drunken girl on the train. And even if viewers never had a chance to see the original “My Sassy Girl,” film Jun Ji Hyun’s new turn in the spotlight has inspired fans to check out her previous work.

The screenplay for the drama version of “My Sassy Girl” is still being written and there is no casting news. Who could you see playing these roles?

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