NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 Stats: Bill Simmons San Antonio Spurs ‘Playoffs MVP’ Award To Danny Green, Kawhi Keeps Title

NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 Stats: Now that the NBA Playoffs 2014 is over, it is a good time to reflect on possible MVP 2014 player stats for the entire season and not just the NBA Playoffs. Having said that, Kawhi Leonard won hs NBA MVP fair and square. Leonard played well during the Playoffs and against Miami Heat, but the summer season is still ongoing.

However, Bill Simmons questions the validity of the NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 stats to a ‘Playoff MVP’ (2014 NBA) which is a more well rounded selection from the top players in the NBA who contribute after the NBA playoffs too. Simmons offers an explanation of this idea in his book, ‘The Book of Basketball.’ 

According to Simmons, Kawhi Leonard may have played ‘great’ in the NBA Playoff Finals. However, there may have been an important player for the San Antonio Spur during the rest of the NBA Playoffs 2014 that led the team to the finals. An example of this is Tony Parker in 2005, who was the NBA Playoffs MVP in the Final series. However, Tim Duncan deserved credit for his arduous effort during the rest of the playoffs. Simmons feels Duncan’s role was more important than winning the NBA Final, so he awarded the ‘Playoffs MVP’ NBA Award to Tim Duncan.

In the same fashion, here is the potential winner of the NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 (Stats) Awards.

The obvious choice for the NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 (Stats) Awards is Danny Green. Green is an impressive ball handler and a sharp shooter. Apart from that, Dennis Green statistics show that he has possession of the ball 23min/game, but he passed the ball less than once in a game. He steals more than he has turnovers in the entire playoffs. This translates to getting the ball back more than losing it. And yes, this ratio is equal to the current NBA Playoffs MVP 2014 Kawhi Leonard.                                    

Green scored the most ‘threes’ in 2013, and his upped that in 2014 with almost 50% from three for the entire playoffs. Green’s +/- turned out fourth for San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Playoffs edging out Boris Diaw and Tony Parker.                                                                                                                          

Green should also be mentioned for exceptional defending in the OKC series during the NBA Playoffs 2014.

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