Ne-yo Songs 2014: Watch His ‘Incredible’ duet with Celine Dion Here! His New Album Will Be ‘99.999998 percent R&B’ [VIDEO]

Ne-Yo has a new song out with Celine Dion! His duet with Dion, called “Incredible” released a new music video as well, which can be watched below!

“Incredible” was recorded for Dion’s English-language studio album,Loved Me Back to Life (2013) and chosen as the second single in North America. Ne-Yo has worked with Dion before: he co-wrote and co-produced “I Got Nothin’ Left” for Dion’s album Taking Chances, released in November 2007.

Ne-yo described the experience as “surreal” to Digital Spy, saying, “The first time I worked for her I wrote a song for her, which in itself was surreal… This time around I actually did a duet with her – it’s her and me on one song, which was a challenge to say the least! I was trying to figure what I was even doing there – why would they need my voice when they have hers?.”

The ‘So Sick’ singer added, “She wanted to do the song as a duet and I was flattered, but it definitely made me question my vocal ability.”

“Watch the video for of “Incredible” now,” Dion tweeted with a link to the video, which premiered on Good Morning America.

The song’s lyrics include: ‘Let’s make them remember, that we were incredible, simply incredible. Let’s give them something amazing.’

Ne-yo also recently spoke with Power 105.1′s “The Breakfast Club” on Tuesday (May 27) about his new album, “Non Fiction.”

Ne-yo said, “I had heard something like that being said, and nothing could be farther from the truth. I’ma keep the lights on; I’ma make the money. But I’m also gonna make the music that feels good to me. But at the same time, I do understand where that came from.”

He vowed, “This album is 99.999998 percent R&B. I can’t completely abandon that fanbase, because, as I said, they kept the lights on for a very long time. I still got some stuff that can live in that [EDM] world, but there’s so much R&B on this album that I had to find something that could live in that world but could also make sense on the album.”

Ne-Yo said he’s aiming for a September release for the album.

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