‘Neighbors’ Sequel In the Works? Seth Rogen To Stick With R-Rated Comedies?

“Neighbors” sequel appears to be in the works as co-producer and cast Seth Rogen revealed that he’s not closing his doors to working with Zac Efron once again. The comedian also said that his production outfit, Point Grey, will stick with R-rated comedies going forward.

When asked about a possibility of a “Neighbors” sequel, the “Knocked-Up” actor told participants of Saturday’s “Produced By” conference at Warner Bros. that, “we are having a lot of discussions.”

Although there’s no hard commitment for a “Neighbors” sequel, it’s hard to argue with the numbers as “Neighbors” already grossed $223.40 million worldwide, with $137 million coming from the North American box-office, according to

That’s on an $18 million budget, which Seth Rogan believed was the magic number so he and fellow producers, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver, could do what they want without studio execs breathing down their necks during production.

“On ‘Neighbors’ we played the studio game, and continually received notes and waited for the call that movie would go forward. We stopped, had a real moment, and cut the budget in half – which it turns out was the factor,” he said, according to

But the 32-year-old actor said that their hands are tied because raising money to make a movie “is the hardest thing.”

The Point Grey team was also behind the films “50/50” and “This is the End.”

Meanwhile, when asked about the possibility of sanitizing his films to get a GP rating, Seth Rogen said that they will dedicate themselves to making R-rated comedies that are considered low-budget as far as Hollywood films go.

“Life is R-rated … no matter what you do. It’s more fun working on stuff that makes me laugh all day,” he said, as he recalled his misery while working on the high-budget, low returns “Green Hornet” which allowed him to learn “not to make $200 million movies.”

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