New Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Gameplay Mode! ‘Catch The Flag’ Adds New Dimension To Multiplay! New Weapons, Gear, Features Confirmed Prior To November Release Date!

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gameplay is set for a serious upgrade, the title predicted to be the series’ best installment to date.

This June’s E3 reveal for the latest Call of Duty installment made plenty of promises, in a successful series considered past its prime by industry experts. Sledgehammer Games intend to revive the franchise with new features in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, though.

Reports of new weapons and features were confirmed by the playable demo showcased at the expedition, and it’s likely these are but a few of the features Sledgehammer plans to incorporate in the game.

Slated for a November release date and with another Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC installment in between, Advanced Warfare offered

a sneak peek of the new weapons and performance gear. From hover bikes and aircrafts to an exoskeleton that boosts abilities, the next installment is real-world yet futuristic.

Sledgehammer Games has also confirmed Advanced Warfare comes with a new multiplayer mode. “Capture the Flag” was a scrapped concept for the Call of Duty: Ghosts installment, now to be included in the rotation of multiplayer mode options in the new game.

The Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gameplay will appeal to pro-players. “Capture the Flag” offers a dynamic that’s easy to follow yet one that’s also fast-paced, perfect for seasoned gamers with a competitive edge to sharpen.

Insider Michael Condrey made the reveal as separate from the company’s commitment to eSports. The newest installment to the Call of Duty franchise should have something in store for first-timers, as well as for seasoned gamers itching to get first crack at the multiplayer modes.

Sledgehammer Games is hinting at the best Call of Duty installment to date, consulting sources outside the studio in an effort to polish gameplay features. Competitive multiplayer modes are the selling edge of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gameplay, and it’s likely developers will maximize these features before the November release date (


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