New Cristiano Ronaldo Documentary To Be Narrated By ‘Sherlock’ Star Benedict Cumberbatch; Will Show World Cup 2014 Portugal Star’s Journey To Success

With the World Cup euphoria reaching fever pitch comes the release of a video about football star Cristiano Ronaldo. And who better to voice it than the actor known for his deep and velvety voice.

In the trailer, Cumberbatch says, “One can link its (soccer) worldwide popularity to its simplicity, because all you need is a football.”

Ronaldo, a Portuguese footballer who is known not just for his talent on the field, but also for his good looks and personality has earned worldwide media attention. Not all of them positive.

Currently plays for Portugal in the ongoing World Cup, the football star continues to divide people’s opinion of him with such statements as “People are envious of me because I’m rich, handsome, and a great player.”

The documentary does not shy away from Ronaldo’s polarizing effect, as its description reads: “Ronaldo is the most discussed athlete on the planet and, love him or loathe him, his talent and presence cannot be ignored.”

But the documentary will seek to shed light on aspects of Ronaldo’s life that the media doesn’t usually cover. It includes his humble beginnings and his struggles on his way to the top of the football world.

And the charming Sherlock star’s attachment to the film might bring the soccer star a much-needed positive boost to Ronaldo’s image. Aside from Cumberbatch, soccer luminaries such as Wayne Rooney, David Beckham, Pele, Lionel Messi, and Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson also appear in the documentary.

Watch the full trailer here.

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