New Downloadables For This June Free Apple iOS Apps! Sports, Strategy, Action Games Galore For Touchpad Users

Nothing’s better than receiving something for free, and this June free Apple iOS apps selection should keep users preoccupied for weeks to come.

The Apple Store is constantly updated with waves upon waves of new apps, and the best often come with a reasonable price tag. Free apps aren’t rare, though, and this week offers a selection of solid titles to boot.

Summoners War: Sky Arena offers a world at war for possession of Mana Crystals. With an estimated 400 monsters to build and deploy on the battlefield, it’s a turn-based 3D fighting game set in the backdrop of the Sky Arena.

Defense 39 is inspired by World War II and Nazi Germany’s September 1939 occupation of Poland. It’s a touch-based defense game; players prevent the onslaught of waves of enemy troops advancing, with a bird’s eye-view of the battlefield.

Defense games are sure favorites in touch devices, and June free Apple iOS apps offer wide varieties of these, free or for purchase. Blast Your Way by C4 Gaming is fast-paced, requiring players to “punch” targets and threats to a car on a drop-off or checkpoint missions. The game is reminiscent of GTA Chinatown Wars, particularly the Nintendo DS version.

Get medieval with Rival Knights, a jousting game which intuitively uses the touchpad for play. Players take control of a knight on horseback, in a series of jousting legs which requires good touch reflex. The game gets tricky as it progresses, as new, more experienced enemies come into play.

For Apple users who’d like a quick fix of the 2015 World Cup, Soccer10 is a simple yet engaging game ideal for the office break. Players can create and train their own soccer clubs, pit these against AI enemies or real players worldwide. Sports games are usually unlikely choices in touchpad apps, but Soccer10 adds worthwhile variety to this June free Apple iOS apps just the same (


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