New Witcher 3 Trailer Released! Launch Confirmed February 24, 2015; CD Projekt Red Takes Its Time, Develops Game With Solid Graphics and Play

A new Witcher 3 trailer has just been released, and it looks like CD Projekt Red is preparing for an awesome E3 reveal.

The Witcher 3 release date has just been slated to February 2015, which is a long wait for fans of the series. The teaser trailer’s launch should ease worries of a title half-baked in development, though.

The trailer saw new characters joining the fold of the open-world RPG, most notable is Geralt’s estranged lover Yennefer. The tag line for the title (“Wild Hunt”) may also refer to Ciri as the possible reason for the chase.

Pre-order bonuses await (very) early birds, and the developers also offered first look at the game’s box art. The title comes out on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (


CD Projekt Red admitted it was forced to extend delays in the development, to ensure the next installment in The Witcher franchise doesn’t slack in the gameplay and graphics department.

The first peeks of gameplay footage justify the delay, with superb graphic detail and clarity. It still doesn’t reveal anything about the quality of gameplay, which is expected to be settled with a playable demo at their E3 booth.

The Witcher 3 trailer tease is likely followed up by more content in the coming months, as CD Projekt continues development for the PC and console ports.

A Reddit user revealed more details than developers might be comfortable with, though. A candid exchange leaked info on characters and gameplay dynamics.

“… you’ve been asking us many questions about gameplay features and we’re finally ready to answer some of them – so here it goes: Yes, you will be able to fight while on horseback; The crossbow. Yup, Geralt can use ranged weapon. Because sometimes monsters fly and you can’t reach them; Remember swimming and sailing. You’ll be able to dive and search for a lot of hidden stuff too. There’s a whole underwater world to discover; Horse racing anyone?” (


The Witcher 3 trailer offers more than meets the eye, and gamers are in for a solid treat come the Witcher 3 release date.

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