Neymar Eyeing the Golden Trophy in this year’s FIFA World Cup 2014

Does Neymar have what it takes in bringing team Brazil to the Championships? Will they stand a chance with the defending world cup champion, Spain? Or will they have to struggle to survive the wrath of revenge from the Netherlands? A lot of questions have been raised on the capability of the home country’s performance in this year’s FIFA World Cup. Will they bring the crown or succumb to the pressure?

Neymar appeared calm and collected during the last press conference before the start of FIFA World Cup 2014. He said that he may feel a little nervous but is looking forward to the match that is ahead of him. He is visibly relaxed which makes seeing him on the field a much exciting spectacle.

But Neymar, one of the key players from Brazil has a few tricks up his sleeves. According to him, he is almost near to perfecting his skill in free kicks to ensure that his team foes on to the finals for the world cup. Having noted that Brazil won the first game in the opening match between Croatia, the team’s road to victory seems to be clear. Neymar got two goals in their first game showing that the 22 year old golden boy, which goes to show that indeed, he has been working hard, obsessively practicing his new moves.

According to Neymar “I’ve practised set-pieces since my first day as a professional; I’ve always taken free-kicks. I feel like I’m perfecting my technique now.” But it’s not just Neymar who is aiming for the golden cup for Team Brazil. David Luiz and Daniel Alves , his typical team players, also voiced their desire to win the cup.

Selecao coach Luiz Felipe Scolari has always voiced out the importance of team play and the importance of a collective effort rather an individual play, it is but just that Neymar gets the spotlight for the first game against Croatia having led the team to victory.

Despite the strong effort from Croatia, the host team wrapped the game with a three is to one standing in the first game of the FIFA World Cup.

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