Nick Diaz News: Elder Diaz Brother Speaks Up About Rivalry With Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller! Former UFC Welterweight Not Trying To Make A Fight Happen?

Nick Diaz news features the elder Diaz brother’s statements regarding his rivalry with Jason “Mayhem” Miller, adding that he was not really trying to make a fight happen.

The feud between Nick Diaz and Jason Miller began in April 17, 2010, right after Jake Shields fought Dan Henderson in the now defunct Strikeforce organization. Shields, who was Nick Diaz’s training partner, was approached by “Mayhem” right after the fight and began talking trash.

Shields did not take it well, and began shoving “Mayhem” away. In retalitation, Nick Diaz and the rest of the team jumped on Jason Miller and took turns in beating him. It was said to be one of the most violent scenes in mixed martial arts.

a mini webisode featuring MMA’s biggest rivalries was the source of the Nick Diaz news. It featured an interview with the former UFC welterweight contender explaining his side of the story.

“He took some shots that night,” Diaz said in jest. “He got out of line, and that was just what happened. You put all these chemicals together, you’re gonna get a reaction.”

Nick Diaz grew up in Stockton, California, which gained notoriety for its crime rate. In 2012, it was said to be the 10 most dangerous city in the United States, reporting 1,417 crimes per 100,00 people. His rough upbringing has translated to his image as one of the “bad boys of MMA”.

His brash demeanor has caused friction between him and other fighters, most notably against “Mayhem.” And for Nick Diaz, the feud is far from over.

“With Miller, he tries to steal a little bit of light whenever he could, start some sh**,” Diaz added.

Unfortunately for fight fans, a fight between the two outspoken fighters may never happen, given Jason Miller’s run-ins with the law and Nick Diaz’s refusal to return to competition.

Recent Nick Diaz news revealed that the elder Diaz brother admitted that he never wanted a fight to happen.

“Some things happens the way they are,” Diaz explained. “I wasn’t trying to make a fight happen, he was trying to make a fight happen.”

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