Noah Wyle And Sara Wells Secret Wedding Confirmed: ‘Falling Skies’ Actor Married ‘Real Life Fairy Princess’ In Hush

The Noah Wyle and Sara Wells wedding news was confirmed by the “Falling Skies” actor saying that he and “real life Fairy Princess” actress secretly wed earlier this June.

The 43-year-old “Falling Skies” actor Noah Wyle confirmed on TV show that he wed Sara Wells secretly last month at their Santa Barbara, California farm, said.

“It was beautiful. It was great. It was a very small ceremony–we have this little farm in California,” the “Falling Skies” and “E.R” actor said of the wedding

The Noah Wyle and Sara Wells wedding vows were taken in front of the actor’s barn before the couple jetted to France for their honeymoon.

Noah Wyle also described his first night with wife Sara Wells as “incredible” and “very romantic” as they honeymooned in the “City of Lights” in Paris.

“I love to walk in foreign cities and get lost and then find my way back and the jet-lag allowed us to do that,” he said.

The couple also took their time enjoying each other’s company as they strolled down the city until night to cap their Noah Wyle and Sara Wells wedding honeymoon.

The “Falling Skies” actor also added, “It’s such a nightlife town anyway, and the sun doesn’t go down until 10 o’clock this time of year so we just strolled around.”

Actress Sara Wells, who is “honest-to-goodness, real life Fairy Princess,” is managing a children’s entertainment company. The actress has also appeared in some TV shows like “Nip/Tuck” and  “Californication,” said.

According to  Noah Wyle and Sara Wells began dating in 2011. The “E.R” actor was first married to make-up artist Tracy Warbin Wyle for nine years before they divorced. 

They were a couple from 2000 until they both decided to part ways in 2009. They have two kids namely Owen, 11-year-old, and daughter Auden, 8-year-old.

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